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We are more than just a place to worlout! We have monthly events to mix it up and get to know you better!

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Nutrition + Exercise is 400% more effective together! We are a 1-stop shop dedicated to live our best lives!

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  • Tomorrow we are trying to create a day to honor and remember anyone affected by breast cancer! Donations are being excepted for Keep A Breast Foundation , receive a bracelet with a minimum $10 donation
  • Hey everyone, this a spot for Crush members to get in touch and chit chat like a social media feed, but it’s not social media! Only members can see it! Feel free to follow each other like you would on Instagram! Stay up to date with everything Crush!
  • Next time you stop by, Check out our meal Replacement shake, protein supplement, probiotic, energy,healthy skin, hair, and nails supplements and more! All products our non-gmo, no artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors!