2021? What are you going to change?

We are now days away from a new year! We don't know what it will bring because we have no control over that, but you can control what you will bring! I know I am going to bring daily motivation, coaching, and positivity to everyone I have the opportunity to inspire. Motivation is contagious, energy is infectious, & positivity is what I am going to spread! What are you going to spread? I hope if you are reading this you are on the same page! If you want to change something about you or your life you can't just say it, you have to do it! You need a game plan and a coach! There are specific steps needed to be taken daily in order for you to walk closer to the change you desire. The process is what I am talking about, the outcome is at the finish line. If you are only focused on the desired outcome, chances are you are going to lack what it takes to get there!

Retrain Your Mindset

If a healthier lifestyle is what you desire, but you only celebrate what the scale says you are not setting yourself up for success. Life is a marathon. What happens if you start a marathon by sprinting? That's right, you don't get to the finish line! What happens if you train daily, highlight daily progress, celebrate every day you show up to train, and surround yourself with other individuals on pace to run the same race? You cross the finish line!

The Process

When we have desired goals in our lives, there are necessary steps we must take daily to keep pushing forward. Also known as the process. If we only celebrate at the finish line, we are not going to retrain our mindset to celebrate daily goals that I call small victories. If you have tried all your life to live a fit lifestyle but have never succeeded chances are, you gave up when the scale didn't move. What you failed to measure was the process of putting the work in daily. If you measure success by checking off these boxes daily:

  1. Did I show up?

  2. Did I do my best?

  3. Did my coach tell me good job?

  4. Did I nourish my body properly?

  5. Did I hydrate my body properly?

  6. If I answered no to any of the above I am going to try my best tomorrow because I know I can

If you do the work, the results will come! Your desired outcome will become a reality! But not if you give up, not if you quit on yourself, not if you tell yourself that you can't do this, because YOU can! If you are ready to take action 2021 and gain control of your health, then I Can help you! Hit me up! And subscribe to my blog for weekly motivation, advice, and tips from a girl who told herself YOU Can , and SHE DID!!!


Jackie 💪🏻

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