6 Key Exercises For Fitness Self-Care

Self-Care is essential to continue to perform at a high level. As a fitness professional I need to make sure my body is well cared for to ensure I can continue doing my job. Check out my video on my 6 go to exercises on foam roller. I try to foam roll in between classes on a busy day and before bed at night. Start to incorporate this into your health and wellness routine.

Foam rolling is just one key aspect of my self-care routine.I'll be honest , there was a time when self-care was not on the top of the list for me. I was a lot younger, less aches and pains, and focused on unhealthy aspects of exercise. Superficial benefits centered around how I looked. Of course I still want to look good, but to stay in this game at 41 at the level I perform, self-care is my top priority. Coaching and motivating others is my main source of gratification these days and listening to my own body is how I will be able to continue on that path.

Here is a list of non-negotiable things I do:

  1. Foam roll

  2. Monthly massage 1-2 times per month

  3. Hydration- staying well hydrated is essential to post workout recovery and much more

  4. Nutrition

I never miss my protein shake - 1 scoop of Swiig protein, banana, blend of mixed berries, spinach, and a choice of unsweetened almond butter or peanut butter, ground flax, chia, and turmeric
I hope this inspires you to keep moving and take time to listen to your body!

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