Candy Crusher Workout

Candy for days! Its so tempting to grab a handful because its fun size! Just one, are you able to stop at one? Most of us find it hard to resist, but I have a trick that may make you think a little harder before you grab a handful! All week long we have been counting down to Halloween with themed workouts, the Candy Crusher was our Monday class! Here is an at home version for you to do when you are passing out that candy

Cardio vs. Strength

  1. Grab the bowl of candy you are passing out for Halloween

  2. Pick a random piece from the bowl

  3. Turn over and look at the amount of calories and grams of sugar

  4. The amount of calories is going to determine the number of reps for cardio exercise

  5. The amount of grams of sugar will be the number of reps for your strength exercise times 3

Ex: You pick a fun size Snickers bar

Calories = 70 Grams of Sugar = 17g

Jumping Jacks x70 / Squats X17 reps X 3 sets

Below I will list a series of cardio/ strength combos and you will pick a different piece of candy for each one.

All exercises are bodyweight so you can easily do at home but feel free to add weights to increase intensity or lower reps by 1/2 to a 1/3 less based on your fitness level!

Candy Crusher Workout

  1. Jumping Jacks / Squats

  2. Mountain Climbers/ Push-ups

  3. Hop side to side on 1 foot/ Plank Rows with no weight gives you a focus on core stability- hold plank on toes or knees and lift elbow towards the ceiling like you are holding a weight, one side at a time without rotating your shoulders or hips! Imagine you have a glass of vampire's blood on your back and you don't want to spill it!

  4. Burpees / Lunges - 1 rep= right and left lunge

Repeat from the top for AMRAP! That stands for as many rounds as possible! We did a version of this workout at the studio without real candy! You will need to look up 10 of your fave fun size candies on google and write down calories and grams of sugar for each, put in bowl and pick 1! No need to bring unnecessary candy in the house, please reach out to me if you have any questions about this workout!

Everyone had a lot of fun doing this workout on Monday and almost everyone told me that after seeing all the calories and sugar and putting in the hard work they were less likely to pop a ton into their mouths! If you like this workout and would like more like this , comment on my blog, please and thank you! Here is a video explaining some of the exercises in workout! No excuses!

Video will be posted with exercises tomorrow! If you are subscribed to this blog you will receive email and link will be on FB!

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