Holiday Strategies For Staying On Track

Holiday time is upon us! Trying to create the perfect Christmas can be a stressful job, but what exactly does the perfect Christmas look like? Christmas is a magical time of year and it seems to go by a little faster every year, yet each year we go through the same stress resulting in putting our health last. This is also a time of year when we reflect on loved ones who are no longer with us , making it very emotional. Everything we do in our lives comes down to one thing, our health! The way we feel and the choices we make impact our quality of life and our loved ones, who want us around for years to come. When you think about how you want to live the next decade , where does health fall in your list of priorities? Give meaning to your list by writing down your top five most important things and take a moment to understand the reasons behind each one. . Your health is something that you can change by taking control of it. Only you can identify the changes needed, then you need to create a plan. Investing in a coach or a fitness community is essential to keeping you on track. When life changes are on the horizon, your environment plays a crucial role. The holidays should not be a time when we forget about our health, it's actually the most important time to stay on track. Exercise and nutrition build immunity against sickness, keep us feeling energized and stress free, and ward off extra holiday pounds by burning more calories. Calories in vs calories out!

Here is my game plan for staying on track this holiday season:

  1. Simplify your errands- order gifts and groceries online and do a drive thru pick up, have holiday parties catered , buy gift boxes with design to save time wrapping and the environment from waste

  2. Plan your exercise and nutrition around holiday parties- if you know you have holiday parties, account for extra calories by amping up exercise by doing a 60 minute workout instead of a 30 min or hit the gym an extra day , eat less calories day after party if you doubled night before

  3. Limit alcohol to 2 drinks, not 10!- alcohol is all liquid calories, it slows down your metabolism to process the toxins, and it makes it a lot easier to make poor decisions when it comes to our health

  4. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and energized, throw some lemon in it to detox the body

  5. Don't skip your workouts! Keep these non-negotiable appointments with yourself to keep you feeling in tip top shape

  6. Not sure how many calories you should be taking in? Get a meal plan done to see not only how many calories , but what foods you should be consuming and how much

  7. Start a plan of action on how you want 2020 to be different from 2019- think long and hard about everything and then think about how vital your health and the way you feel is essential to every possible goal you write down!

  8. Sample local fitness studios and gyms by doing a trial membership - notice how you feel from the moment you walk in the door, how quickly you are greeted, how clean it is, how the other members interact with you, how you feel after the workouts! These are very important factors when choosing a place to create the healthiest version of yourself!

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