Holiday travel when you are on a meal plan...

Meal plan during the holidays may sound crazy but without it you risk putting on 5-15lbs during this time of year! Why risk it? Lay down some ground rules for yourself to stay on track! If you are traveling during the holidays that is a double whammy, here are some helpful tips for traveling you can use any time you travel.

  1. Take advantage of hotel refridgerators to store healthy snacks such as low-fat yogurts and fruits.

  2.  Make meal-plan friendly choices at the breakfast buffet such as whole grain cereals, hard-boiled eggs, skim milk, and fruit.

  3. Choose restaurants near your hotel and on the road that offer nutrition info and healthful meals that are calorically equivalent to meals in your plan. 

  4. From airports to hotels to restaurants, stick to healthful ingredients like lean proteins, whole grains, and vegetables.

If you need additional help understanding how to eat properly to maximize your health, I am glad to help! Contact to get started

Jackie Delgizzo

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