January At A Glance...

We have been busy, busy, busy! Classes have been at an all time high and new faces have been popping in! January is responsible for kicking people back to routine and new goals! The key is balance and lifestyle choice. When you understand that this is not a trend or a window of opportunity to start and eventually stop again, then you will truly gain and prosper! The truth is we don't need January to be healthy, but the positive energy in the air helps a lot! As January comes to an end in a couple of days, what will keep you motivated ? Throughout my career in fitness, I found there a few key things that are essential to staying on track.

  1. Find a workout, studio, gym, or coach that you love and keeps you on your toes! As you commit to workouts, you will grow stronger and more confident, your workouts should grow too! A good trainer should be able to push you to up your game when you are ready!

  2. Community is key! The days of checking in to a big box gym and wandering around are long gone! Finding a place with a tight fitness community is not always easy to come by, but here at Crush we are very lucky to have it. . The world is moving so quickly and connecting with other human beings is few and far between. When you workout you release several endorphins that are nature's anti-depressants ! Thats why we feel good when we work out, so what better than to share those feelings with people you feel comfortable with and build you up not bring you down!

  3. Mind Set- Its all in your mind! What you say to yourself on a daily basis is going to make all the difference in making a lifelong commitment to your health or a trendy resolution because everyone else is doing it! Our health is not something to mess with, we have one shot to keep ourselves healthy! We are lucky to have all the medical statistics of the benefits of exercise and fueling our body with healthful food, make the right choice and do it for reasons that mean something to YOU!

  4. Recovery- working out is tough on our bodies, soreness and muscle fatigue are part of the game ! Our theme this month has been recovery! We had a foam rolling clinic last weekend to educate how to help reduce muscle soreness and protect from future injuries. Stop by front desk for a pamphlet on proper way to foam roll.

Stay tuned for February events and pop-up classes! Our theme for next month is self -care and partner workouts!

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