Key to Success...

What is holding you back? Do you want to change the way you feel , the way you live your life? Have you started on a Monday and quit on a Tuesday/ If you are shaking your head yes to the above questions, its ok. You are not alone. Many of us succumb to the doubt, fear, & negative voices in our head or the doubt and pessimistic views of close family and friends. The truth is the people closest to us can often be the most negative towards us sharing our goals. There are two big reasons for that:

  1. They fear you will fail and indirectly are tying to protect you from the let down

  2. They fear that you will succeed and make them look bad or have to up their own game or feel inferior

The truth is no one can stop you from pursuing a dream, creating a better lifestyle for yourself , or simply believing in yourself except for you! That's right you are your worst critic! But its time to change that because from failure comes victory. It's through failure that we learn about who we are.

Through my years of experience helping people achieve goals and create the healthy life they wanted, I found the key ingredient! A coach! A cheerleader! Even better a group of coaches that are your peers! Every time a new client comes to Crush Fitness, I know that they are potentially going to become part of something much bigger than they imagined. A chain of positive energy connected by people. People who want more out of life! People who want to contribute to their community and build others up. That is the key to success. I'm not just talking about fitness, anything you dare to dream , you need a mentor. Someone who has been there and fought through all the self-doubt and created what they envisioned for themselves. You don't have to go it alone, find the support and the encouragement to achieve your goals.

Taking that first step is always the hardest, but if you find the right mentor you will be challenged as much as you are encouraged. If you are looking for support and a "never give up" community reach out to Crush Fitness Studios. Creating healthy habits is a pre-requisite to achieving any goal. Exercise, nutrition, getting enough sleep are all necessary to be the best version of ourselves! You got this!


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