My #1 Coaching Tip...

After 15 yrs of picking people up when they are down, pushing them to the next level of fitness, & seeing them push through something they thought they couldn't do , I have learned some valuable life lessons...

Lessons I have learned from clients, peers, mentors, and my own life experiences are the inspiration to keep me striving for more. I'm going to let you in on a very important lesson I have learned about people who are successful to creating a healthy lifestyle! Watch this 60 sec video to learn what is the most common thing all of these people have mastered!

This is just one of the lessons I will be sharing in my 3 week intro course for creating a healthier lifestyle. If you are struggling with finding your way, this may be what you need. We all need positive energy surrounding us to reach our biggest goals, don't do it alone. Join me by simply sending your email address to me. You will be given further instructions once you are on my list. Please share this with anyone you know who may need a path to follow to create the healthy lifestyle they are looking for.

Jackie Delgizzo

Coach & Co-owner of Crush Fitness Studios

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