Reflect, Renew, & Redesign Your Future


Hooray! A new year, a new decade, a new you! The positive energy is heavy all around, fueling you towards a brighter future. Only you have the power to control your destiny, but there are strategies to ensure success. Here are my tips for starting fresh in 2020:

  1. REFLECT- the year is coming to a close and we are about to embark on a new decade, the stars are aligned for you to achieve your goals. Let's write down what we achieved in 2019 and what we did not achieve. If we set the same goals every new year with little to no progress each year, write down what is stopping you

  2. FOCUS ON THE POSTITIVE- know the value in your unique skills, abilities, or talents and how you can strategize a plan of action specifically for you. This may require true change in your life, perhaps cutting out vices or people that are holding you back. Most importantly, cutting out that nagging voice in your head filling you with doubt.

  3. LIMITATIONS- don't put limits on how far you can go, if you intention is to lose weight , make that the icing on the cake as a result of living a healthy lifestyle! When we put limits on what we can do , we are holding ourselves back from what we could only imagine doing! Let's make it a reality in 2020!

  4. RENEW- write down your dreams and goals with no limitations, but remember dreams only work when you do! If dreaming was enough there would be no process to get where we want to be and all the life lessons happen in the struggle! Yes, the struggle is real! Staying on the straight and narrow path where everything is warm and fuzzy is not where we grow and become a stronger individual

  5. REDESIGN- you have the ability to redesign your reality, no one can do it for you! But when you surround yourself with people who are on a similar path as yourself , you increase your chances of achieving your goals! Thats what Crush is all about, at the heart of our core values are positive vibes all around to make fitness an achievable goal for anyone willing to put the work in!

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