The Silver Lining of a Crisis...

Updated: May 24

Yes we are in a time of crisis! An unprecedented time but different because we are all going through this together. Not just one part of the world or the country, the entire world! We will never forget this Covid-19 nor will our kids, but we will move forward and be stronger from it. That is the topic today, how are you going to change after this is all said and done? Will you emerge a leader or a follower? The difference between the two is that if you follow , you cannot control what you are following, if you lead you can take ownership of how you handle this situation and grow from it. I am focused on only the things that I can control each day. I can control the thoughts in my mind, to choose to only allow positivity, hope, and be realistic that negative things can happen but I will push through. I am grateful to do my part of inspiring others to be positive through movement and mindset.

A crisis is always creeping around the corner, whether its a natural disaster, a personal health scare, a death of a loved one, war, financial, and the list goes on... We need to remember that each day we have our health, loved ones around us, food and shelter is a precious gift to never take for granted! I realize everyday that I truly have so many things to be grateful for and that is what keeps me pushing through each day!

To all of the healthcare workers, teachers, millitary, cops, firemen and women, grocery store workers, government officials, and all who are on the frontlines, thank you for your commitment to safety and health of all in our community! Keep training everyday and thank god for facebook to keep in touch!

Love you and miss you all!

Crush Crew

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