The Worst Feeling I Ever Had In My Life...

I'm here to tell you the reason I am who I am today. We are all born with gifts, and I thank God everyday that I was born with the gift of strength. Not physical, mental. I started out life as a young mother at 18 yrs old. Quickly was married and thought I was doing the right thing. Shortly in to my marriage I knew I was involved in a volatile relationship. I quickly found myself feeling trapped in a vicious cycle of abuse. I was young and felt like I had no control. My strength was shown by sacrificing my pride to keep the peace for my children. I knew if I surrendered I could keep peace in my home. Peace in my home meant my children were spared of witnessing a hot mess. I will leave it at that. To feel like you have no control means you have to ignore everything you are feeling in your gut to protect your children and avoid chaos.

I am telling you this because I know what if feels like to lose control of my life. My experience was a relationship, but sometimes the control comes from our own mind controlling us with negative thoughts. I am grateful everyday that I made a choice to rise up and I know I had to go through that to know my self worth. I needed to rise up from the struggle life gave me to overcome and use my strength to lift others. I know we are all struggling right now, but we can't lose hope. We need to surround ourselves with positivity to build the courage we need to conquer our fears. Fitness is the tool I use to achieve that in others and myself. I believe my purpose on Earth is to instill confidence and self worth in all who give me their trust. Weight loss and gaining muscle are perks to this purpose, but my goal is to make people stand up a little taller because they finished what they started. We are all being put through a test right now, but its up to us to take action and control what we can. We can control our choices in life and even though its hard to change and start new things, its absolutely necessary to live our best lives! Our health is our wealth, never forget that! Rise up, take action, and never give up hope!!

To all of you that trust me to lead you to a higher level, thank you from the bottom of my heart!



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