Tips to staying on track in 2020...

Starting new routines can be overwhelming even when we have the best intentions. After 14 years in the health & wellness industry, seeing 14 yrs of clients start off with high hopes at the first of the year, then sadly falling off. . Why does this happen? There are many reasons but I have put together what I think are the main reasons:

  1. All or nothing attitude - coming in strong and quitting everything cold turkey is a common approach but not easily attained. Clients tend to burn out with this approach and gradually start skipping sessions and eating poorly very quickly into the new year.

Solution- write down exactly what your goals are for yourself, write down what you know is holding you back, detox your life of those things one at a time starting with biggest thing then working your way through



2. Support system- looking back on my path in the industry and what I have gone through personally and accomplished in my career, I am most proud of the community I have created. A community to motivate you is essential to sticking with your goals. People who are there to build you up , not wait for you to fail. At Crush, it starts with my staff but trickles down to the clients because it is rooted in our core values to help people

Solution- find a friend or safe haven for you to work on building a stronger mind , body , and soul! Strength is not measured by how much you can lift or how fast you can do a burpee, its measured on how far you are willing to push out of your comfort zone to achieve your goals, it is all in your mental game! Seek out your sanctuary, try out several places ,and find what fits for you!

3. Get organized- this is key! Setting the intention is not enough to make it a reality, you need to have a plan and diet is the most important layer. If you are going to start introducing moderate to rigorous exercise to your weekly routine, you need to fuel your body. Proteins , fats , and fiber! Lean meats, foods rich in healthy fats, and raw veggies to get that fiber! Variety is the spice of life, buy in-season veggies to introduce new foods to your diet.

Solution- get a custom meal plan! Introducing weekly exercise to your routine requires fueling your body properly! Don't guess at it , know for sure what your daily calorie intake should look like! We do custom meal plans at Crush. Message to get started today.

You can do this! Stay focused and remember when you are ready to quit on yourself, think about why you started!

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