Why Am I Sore After My Workout?

You have more time on your hands and you finally have been working out regularly! You have great intentions, but muscle soreness is making you wonder if you should be working out as much. Muscle soreness is a normal side effect of exercise. Inflammation in the muscles is actually how your body triggers the recovery process. Exercise damages the muscle tissues and it's important to know how to properly repair them to get the best results. Exercise is an important step to staying healthy, but exercise alone is only one piece of the equation.Nutrition plays a major role in the effectiveness of exercise, which is why post- workout recovery is key.

What do I need to properly recover after my workout?

  • Protein

  • Fast-Digesting Carbs

  • Supplements

  • Proper hydration to replace fluids and electrolytes lost during exercise

How Soon After A Workout do I need to refuel?

  • 30-45 minutes is recommended to help your body optimize the nutrients

  • liquid form like a protein shake is quick and easy to digest following a workout

What are the benefits of proper recovery?

  • Boost your immune system

  • helps to reduce soreness and inflammation through the amino acids in protein

  • combining fruits and veggies with protein in your post-workout shake or snack gives your body vitamins that promote fast healing

  • building lean muscle by getting the right amount of protein which can increase your metabolism

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*information for this article was sourced from Performance Food Centers

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